The ONEXONE Campaign: An Extraordinary and Passionate Movement

We live in a world where we often forget the simplicity of not only celebrating life but preserving it. ONEXONE began with a simple dream to honour one life and blossomed into an extraordinary and passionate movement to help so many more.

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Joelle Adler founded ONEXONE to celebrate the life and times of her spiritual force, her late husband Lou Adler. She never dreamt that ONEXONE would become a global force with a mission to help preserve a quality of life for children locally and globally; every child's birthright . ONEXONE took its place on the global fundraising stage in 2005 when actress Kate Hudson hosted an elegant gala that had audience dazzled by guests including Bono, and sensational performances including Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk and The African Children's Choir. That evening the stage was set for a year long annual campaign that not only honours extraordinary people that have made a difference but also a celebration of many many vital philanthropic partners who need our help to reach children in need every where. ONEXONE raised over $1.5 million in one night. In 2006, millions of people around the world took notice as ONEXONE and its extraordinary gala host Matt Damon welcomed extraordinary guests like Brad Pitt and Penelope Cruz and performers like John Legend, Wyclef Jean, and welcomed back Chantal Kreviazuk and The African Childrens's Choir and rocking after gala concert. We also honoured 5 more incredible people with the ONEXONE Difference Award. We proudly raised over $3.5 million that night. We are deeply grateful to media sponsors like CTV, The Globe and Mail and Rogers for taking our message everywhere.

In 2007, our campaign continues with new initiatives, new philanthropic partners and our continuing support of our key charities.

As a non-profit foundation, we endeavour to celebrate and preserve the value of LIFE. The dream and vision of a small group of people has resonated on a large scale.

Since 2005, we have carefully selected philanthropic partners and supported major initiatives that serve our mandate of helping children find a better world and securing their future. Each partner and project is a superstar in their own space. Given the myriad of sensational organizations that execute brilliant work, we have decided to select charities that we will support and spotlight each year. We will also select major new initiatives to underwrite as well as continue supporting partners that began our journey with us in 2005

Branded by Edward Rogers as an Alliance of Hope, we sincerely thank our dedicated sponsors for their contribution. Without their unyielding generosity, we could not begin to make a difference for children who continue to search for a better life each day. You can be proud that you are playing a major role in helping us change their world.

ONEXONE gratefully acknowledges the wonderful work Summit-Tech has done on our website and for all their technology and design support.




Since 1960, Redken has proudly embodied these core concepts while embracing a culture based on people—our employees, clients, and partners. This sense of belonging, community, and respect for one another has led Redken to support several charities and non-profit organizations across Canada, hoping to contribute to the well being of many communities that need our help. “ Redken is not just a business unit. It is a world where everyone shares the same values, feels a sense of belonging, and shares a common language and respect for one another“. Doraine Dalati, VP & General Manager Redken Canada.


It’s an exciting fundraising event to be held in salons all across Canada on Sunday, June 3rd, to help children in need locally and globally. Do what you love for a great cause!


By taking part in the biggest

CUT-A-THON in Canadian history! Just call 1-866-9-REDKEN to register. The salon that raises the most money will win an all-expense paid trip for two to Toronto to attend the ONEXONE gala, hosted by Matt Damon during the Toronto

International Film Festival on September 9th, 2007. As a show of gratitude, each participating salon will receive a Redken CUT-A-THON certificate to proudly display in their salon and will be mentioned in an upcoming issue of Salon Magazine.


ONE X ONE is a non-profit foundation founded by Joelle Adler in 2005, inspired by the memory of her late husband Lou Adler. ONE X ONE is committed to supporting, preserving, and improving the lives of children here in Canada and around the world. Through an annual campaign, ONEXONE is dedicated to helping create a world where children can live safely and with dignity. For more information visit


The charities that ONEXONE support share the same mission and vision.


We’ll give you everything you need to make this event a success! Shortly after you register, you’ll receive a Redken

CUT-A-THON kit—including posters, donation boxes, T-shirts, appointment sheets, and more – to help you host and advertise the event.


With this event, Redken aims to reach the goal of raising over $250,000 for ONEXONE. So register today and join us!


Call 1-866-9-REDKEN to register. Then spread the word to your clients, and start

helping improve the lives of children everywhere.


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Name:  Barry Kopulos

Comments: I joined this organization after seeing the event on CTV last year. It is great to see some very powerful people use some of their fame and wealth to inspire others to join and give and help and support those less fortunate.

Name:  Bev Morgan

Comments: This is a wonderful site and what a great organization. Thanks to everyone for all you do. I travel to Mwanza, Tanzania to volunteer at the Starehe Children's home which has 122 orphans. I was just there in March of this year for a month and am returning this July for another 6 weeks. It is truly a life alterating experience working with these children.

Name:  pippin

Comments: Hello I recently just saw the One X One awards ceremony on CTV. I was not aware this organization existed. I was impressed with all of the things these people did for other people's children. I found I could also relate to these people because I myself went on a trip in the ghettos of Kingston Jamaica to help the residents. I just wanted to congratulate all the recipiants of the One X One awards. Keep up the good work and beleive in your selves

Name:  nicole

Comments: i think that everyone can help

Name:  Pétrina Lafleur

Comments: You guys are doing a wonderful job. This site is offering great opportunities for other to be inform. While I was trying to get into the web site I noticed that you didn't currently have a french version of the site. I will be more than happy to help... Ptrina