Company Annual Dinner: Planning For a Successful Dinner

Company annual dinner events are a big part of every corporate’s planned for events. The events are not just a means of highlighting the strides and pitfall the company had over the year, but also a great way to end the year and ushering in the start of another year. The event plays host to all the company employees and might or might not include other guests and dignitaries.

Planning for the event is a critical phase that ends once the even it over. It is adequate planning that will ensure all guests are catered for and thoroughly enjoy the event from start to finish. Company dinner events come with their moments of madness ranging from seating arrangements to the order of entertainment and presentations among other issues. However, having a solid plan can help avoid most of these issues and help have a contingency plan for those unexpected glitches. Here are some tips from BGT Lakeview to  help you have a grip on things when planning the annual dinner event.

  • Identify the objective of the even to be able to know who should attend, to find the right venue, come up with a theme for the event, and prioritize for the entertainment, food, and drinks.
  • Request and/or gather the names of all invitees in advance and send the invitations. Be keen to review all replies and be ready to issues extra invites, if necessary. Do not be timid in chasing all outstanding invites. You need to know who is coming and who it not so that you can make adequate seating arrangements.
  • Place orders for all the necessary supplies; food, beverages, and napkins. Figure out if you will hire a catering services and make adequate plans with the service provider on the menu for the day and the in which order the food and drinks shall be saved.
  • Have a solid contingency on all aspects of entertainment and this should include any planned presentation by various heads of the company, the key speaker during the event, and any invited dignitaries.
  • Avoid writing in table numbers on the escort cards before a day to the event. Wait until the better end because your seating arrange will change, and change and then change again. Make sure you have all tables in mind, including the head table. It will be good to have a contingency plan for any no-show for the head table.
  • Be ready to deal with a bit of chaos in the seating arrangements; people will just find a way of seating at the wrong table. Just have a plan to deal with such issues. You might want to consider having a three or four company staff at the door to help usher in and seat the guests at their respective tables. Invest in a face book guest list that will assist the staff identify each guest without having to ask the guest’s name.
  • Be the last person to seat as the event commences. Only seat once you have taken a walk around the table to check for any empty spots, talked with the catering staff about the eating arrangements, and have a complete order of proceedings as confirmed by the person hosting and directing the annual dinner.

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Some Great Tips On Finding The Right Event Planner In Malaysia

If you’ve ever organized a large event, whether it be for a company or your own wedding, then you know how difficult it is to get everything planned out just right, have all the vendors show up on time, and not spend far over your allotted budget. One common misconception is that hiring an event planner will cost you lots of extra money, but many times just the opposite is the truth. Let’s examine how an event planner in Malaysia can end up saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars by using their experience and knowledge in planning your event.

An Event Planner Can Save You Time And Money With Their Connections.

professional event plannerAn experienced event planner will have built previous relationships with hundreds of different suppliers in different niches where they have the ability to get a discount, sometimes substantial. When the average guy calls, like you for instance, you’re always going to pay full retail on everything, which can be 20 to 25% more than what and event planner could get for you. Another thing that usually happens is that the average guy is going to have to call 10 or 15 different vendors for each different product that he needs in order to find one that can supply the right product, at the right price and is available on the day of the event. On the other hand, a professional event planner in Malaysia will most likely know exactly who to call the first time.

How Do You Find The Perfect Event Planner For Your Big Party?

Depending on what kind of event that you’re going to have, you’ll want to make an effort to find people who have used planners with experience in that particular area. If it is a large corporate event that you’re planning the best resource to find a good planner would be another corporation of about the same size that has had a successful corporate event, so get on the phone and call several other businesses and get a hold of the human resources department to find out who they’ve used in the past and how happy they were with their services. It is just as important to know if there was anyone they were quite unhappy with, and why, so you can avoid the same mistake.

plan event venue

What To Ask A Planner During The Interview.

Start with how much in experience that they have in scheduling the kind of event that you’re going to have. Also check to see what kinds of events this particular planner specializes in, what are his fortes? Most experienced planners will have a portfolio, including pictures, that they can show you of past parties, weddings, and anniversaries that they have completed so you can have some idea. Since planning a large event is fraught full of cancellations by vendors and other suppliers ask your prospective planner how they would most likely handle such a setback and if they have backup suppliers at the ready.

event venue deco

Having a large corporate party, or other huge function, doesn’t have to be an overly stressful time if you find the right planner, delegate all of the small details, and spend your time overseeing and double checking everything as you go.

Why the Right Team Building Event Company is Crucial

Hiring the right company to organize your company team building is important. But there are dozens of companies these days, making it challenging to choose one. I personally attended some team building training organized by Eessence and got a chance to have a casual chat with their manager, Jaee. From there, I learn few helpful tips to hire the right team building event company.

team building concept

First, you can ask for recommendations. People love talking about two things that happen to them. They talk about tragic events and they talk about happy events. People talk about successful team buildings their company hosted.

They will talk about how they met people from other departments. They will talk about the new friends they made through interdepartmental games. They will talk about the food, speeches and the venue.

Most importantly, they will talk about the company that made the memorable event possible. Pay attention when they talk about boring team building events as much as you pay attention to events they had fun in. This says a lot about the company that organized the event.

public speakingAlways meet with company representatives first. Do not just talk to them over the phone or go through the details of the event by exchanging emails. Listen to how the representatives talk and watch how they present the details of the event. Unenthusiastic presentations and meetings should be a red flag.

It is important to hire event companies that know what they are talking about. Sure it is nice to hear about activities aimed to push a paradigm shift or to enhance core competencies in your employees. But are the organizers really trained to deliver? Check out to find out more.

It helps to listen carefully about how the company talks about their proposed activities. Ask questions about the program they are offering. Make sure they are not just out there to organize games for fun-starved employees.

Team building events are investments. They are ways to develop employees and increase their productivity. It also establishes good working relationships. Make sure the company you hire is worth the investment. Do they provide insights that promote camaraderie among your employees? Did the activities successfully connect the goals of the workshop with the goals of your company?

What You Must Know about Event Management in Singapore

Knowing how event management in Singapore works is necessary because it’s the only way to handle a large function without going over the budget. While there are computer programs available that can help, it’s still much better to leave it to the experts as they are trained to handle these occasions.

What Managing Events is All about

Anytime you plan to hold an event or function in Singapore, several elements have to be considered. If you’re pressed for time and other matters require your attention, you can leave it to the event planner to handle the details. An event planner will consult you regarding the function, after which he’ll prepare a to-do list.

corporate leadership seminar

Once the manager has set the outline, his team will begin preparations, all the while making sure they’re working within your budget and resources are used properly. To ensure that nothing is amiss, event planners use special programs to make sure the numbers are right and the timeline is being followed. The bottom line is that an event planner in Singapore is there to ensure efficiency, something that can be difficult to do as a lot of numbers are involved. With the aid of a qualified planner you can rest easy and not worry about data being lost.

outdoor family eventAdditional Benefits

Hosting events is complicated, and sometimes unexpected things happen. An event planner won’t panic in case something unexpected crops up. Second, planners are trained to adapt so if you decide to include this or that, they’ll be ready to make adjustments without compromising the original plan. More importantly, they’ll suggest the most cost effective options available for you.

In addition, event managers will provide you with reports and information about what’s going on. You won’t be left out of the loop and you can be assured that everything will work out as planned. While event management in Singapore may seem complex, things will move more quickly and smoothly if you hire the services of an expert. The good news is there are plenty of options now available online so finding the ideal planner shouldn’t be too difficult.


Some Tips For Finding The Best Entertainment For Your Event

If you’re planning an event for whatever occasion in Singapore, you should know that there are actually many ways that you can entertain your guests. While holding a mini concert is one of the most common options, there are actually several other entertainment ideas that the event management company already has in its roster of entertainment options.

One other option for entertainment is inflatable rides and games. These are basically large inflatable balloons that when air pumped to full-size can practically give your guest the ride of their lives. There are inflatable water rides and there are slides which you can rent for a few thousand dollars. If you want to know what your options are, just search on Google for “inflatable rides”.

Inflatable rides games for kids

Bungee trampoline for everyoneAnother entertainment option is the bungee trampoline. While it’s rather hard to put “bungee” and “trampoline in one sentence (in the first one you need to “jump from” while in the other one you just “jump”), apparently there are devices that give you the best of both worlds, or the best of each.

For those who like to ride, there are also mechanical bulls that let you live out your cowboy fantasy. And there are many other entertainment ideas for any event you may have. In order to organize the best party while not breaking the budget for your event, make sure to work with an event planner. An event planner would know which establishments offer the best prices for entertainment equipment.

If you’re looking for an event planner to organize your party for you, make sure to have someone who is a member of the Event Planners Association. The group requires for all its members to abide by its code of ethics which requires members to conduct their business reliably and ethically.

Learn How To Use Teamwork During Event Management Processes

When you’re trying to learn how to use teamwork while working with event management, you’ll get what you need here. It’s not going to be that difficult after you read through this to see that you can use teamwork to get to your goals.

Teamwork word made from people

When working on event management and teamwork, you’re going to need to assign a role to each member of the team. However, when they’re doing their work, it should benefit everyone involved and not just them. You’ll want the eventual outcome to be that the event goes off without a hitch, and that helps you to be sure that everyone is doing their part to make things happen no matter what the event is. Everyone needs to contribute to the group as a whole, or else they need to be let go if they’re not willing to participate in this.

Teamwork put things togetherWork on training your team to work together, as well as in most aspects of event management. You’ll want them to understand what the goals are with the various events you’ll be working on so that they can think of how they will be able to help things go off without a hitch. Make sure that if the group members have any questions, they’re not afraid to ask you about what you think. If you cannot come up with an answer, you’ll want to make sure that you do some research and come up with an answer as soon as possible.

It’s going to be tough for some people to work together no matter what you do, so you may want to check on the team from time to time if they’re not doing their work well. See if they can work with a different set of people or if they are able to work with the group at all. It’s never a good idea to hang onto someone that’s going to make the event difficult to pull off. That will just cost you and everyone you hired some money because the event is going to not do all that well.

It’s important that you follow the advice here to help you use teamwork while working with event management. This can be a tough industry to really become a professional at, but you can do it if you’re willing to put in the time and effort it takes to succeed.

Benefits of Mobile Solution For Event Management

Hosting an event is easier said than done. It requires attention to detail to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. The last thing anyone wants to see happen is for the event to fall apart because there was a lack of organization on the part of the host. Due to the rise of technology in the modern age, hosting an event has become that much easier. With the incorporation of a quality mobile solution for event management requirements, it has become that much simpler to handle the details that come with planning events. Let’s take a glance at the multiple benefits associated with mobile solutions.

Simplifying Attendee Management

mobile solution for easy event managementAccording to ADEvent, the biggest ordeal most hosts face when it comes to events of any size has to do with attendee management. There are so many layers to the process beyond simply inviting them to attend. You have to make sure they are registered, checked in when they arrive, and perhaps even provide them with gifts when they arrive. This is all part of the process and can become quite taxing when combined with all other aspects of the job at hand.

With an online mobile solution, the entire process is automated including the giving of gifts through virtual receipts. It just does not get easier than this.

Marketing Tools

If the event has a marketing flavor to it, this mobile solution is mandatory. It helps track all of the leads that are coming in and how far the business is from securing their sale.

All of this data helps understand what is working and what is not. Marketing has never been easier and you can just focus on the actual event to make sure it goes off without any hitches. A great mobile solution takes these troubles off of your hands before they become a major headache.

Data on Event

Using smartphoneHaving data that comes after the event has transpired tends to do little. It has no meaning as the event has finished. With a mobile solution, it becomes easier to deal with the changes in data on the fly.

If there are tweaks that have to be made, the mobile solution can point out where the tweaks have to be made. It ensures all parties involved understand what is needed to make sure the party goes off without trouble. The days of wishing changes could have been made after the fact are long gone. The changes can be made right away!

These are some of key benefits associated with implementing a quality mobile solution for your event management needs. Forget about those days of struggling to get everything in order and having no help in sight. A proven, high-quality mobile solution is the way to go in the modern age of event planning. It can be something as small as a meeting between few or a large conference. Whatever the needs are, it is important to have some form of mobile solution in place to ease your worries.

Hiring An Event Planning Company Can Save Your Money

In any type of workplace, sometimes it is necessary to plan an event. The purpose may be to celebrate a company milestone or to recognize contributions made by employees. Staff appreciation days are organized as a way for company management to show their gratitude to their employees. Planning a major event for a company takes great skills in organization and attention to detail. It also takes a tremendous amount of time if you were plan this yourself. This is where using an event planning company is a smart decision because they can help you save time as well as money.

An event company plans these large-scale events all the time. They have an organization system down that can help them coordinate these events for clients like clockwork. They have a big network of service providers that they can tap into so that they do not need to waste time searching for services.

event planning for gala dinner

Their network usually includes caterers that specialize in every cuisine you can imagine. They know where to rent props and furniture at a reasonable price. They have a network of musicians, performers, florists, and even custodial services.

Meeting with event plannerBecause professional event planning companies plan events for a business, they can negotiate lower prices from service providers. Vendors know that that if they want repeat business from this event company, they better be competitive with their pricing and provide high-quality service to the clients. One negative experience or report from a client, and the vendor can lose a lot of business down the road.

The event planner has clout, which means better services and lower prices for you. Imagine if you have to go out and search for the best of these services yourself. It would take you hours on the web and numerous phone calls. Not only that, but because you do have direct experience with any one of them, you really do not know how good they are until you hire them.

The event planning company only uses the best and most reliable services for their clients. They have their own reputation to uphold. If a caterer bombs, the client will fault the event planner for picking that caterer and will probably never use that event planning company again. So, professional event planners are very careful about the services that they use.

Think about all the work that is put into coordinating all the different services into this single event. Not only that, but you will be getting the benefit of getting a big discount from the services because the event planner can negotiate that for you. Using a professional event planning company can definitely save you money.

Your time is money as well. The time you save can be spent on more productive projects. Let the event company take over in planning for your event. Just sit down and let them know exactly what you need, and they will take care of all the details for you. It cannot get easier than that.

Helpful Tips In Planning For A Seminar Or Conference

There may come a time when you have to plan for your company’s upcoming conference or seminar. This is a major, professional event, and you are expected to carry this out without a glitch. A lot of responsibility is placed upon your shoulders. Here are some tips that can help you plan this event with success.

One of the first things to find out how many people will be attending this conference. Send out your invitations or announcements way in advance, and set up a way for attendees to RSVP or to register for this event. Having a list of registered attendees will help you plan for meals and seating. You can also use this mailing list to send out reminders as the event date approaches.

If the event will be held off site at another location, remember to provide driving directions to the location. If seminar is open to attendees not from the local area, provide suggestions for hotel accommodations.

If meals are provided, you will need to plan ahead for the type of meals to be catered. Remember, there will be people from all walks of life registering for this event. You should provide options that can accommodate most food preference. Some people do not eat beef, pork, or any meat, for that matter. It is important to offer a variety of food choices. Find a caterer that is experienced with corporate catering and work with them to come up with a menu.

You should make sure that the conference room has enough seating for all of your attendees without making them feel cramped for space. A notepad and pen and other seminar material can be collated ahead of time in a packet that can be left on each chair.

crowd at conference hall

A schedule of the events of the day should be made available to your attendees ahead of time. Copies should also be made available on the day of the event.

Do not forget about the what the presenters will need. Since they will be talking a lot, provide them with bottled water or a pitcher and some cups. Make sure that the equipment is working properly on the day of the event, include the overhead projector, computer, and the sound system. If you need web access, make sure that the the connection is live before the event begins.

Arrange to have a person in front of the conference room for the attendees to check in. This will give you an accurate account of the actual people who attended.

If the event is all-day, provide a time for a break in the morning and in the afternoon. Your guests will appreciate that flexibility.

You have a big job ahead of you, and there is a lot that you have to do. The tips above can help you pull through this event with success. Do not forget that when you feel like it is too much for you to handle, you can always seek help from a professional event planner.